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Jelsa, Hvar
Jelsa, Hvar

Getting to know island Hvar..

The island of Hvar is a special place in the Croatian archipelago and named one of the world's 10 most beautiful islands in the world by the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler.

In early July, lavender begins to bloom and colours the entire island in its characteristic purple colour, which has given Hvar the name lavender maple. Almost all arable land on Hvar is used for growing wonderfully fragrant lavender. The cozy atmosphere is complemented by the many pine trees, palm trees and picturesque stone walls that seem to be everywhere.

On the outskirts of the picturesque town of Jelsa lies Villa Gallus. In a quiet area close to the sea and walking distance to Jelsa you will have a wonderful holiday.

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What our villa offers

Natural privacy and spacious interiors

Private outside area

Our villa provides a full privacy for our guests. Villa's outdoor area is full of green plants, trees and various flowers  which gives you a sense of nature. 

Enjoy your family meal with a big stone table that fits 8 people. Use a private pool and get a natural tan on deck chairs. There is a lounge area overlooking pool which is a perfect spot for those afternoon chills. Top floor balcony offers a canopy, makes for the relaxing nap on air. Jump from the pool into a unique outside shower which is embedded into the house.

Indoor area

Once you come inside of our villa you immediately feel like home, which is our goal. Spacious insides provide plenty of room for each person. 

The inside is spread across 2 floors and a basement, first one being the central floor which contains 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and living room. Unique round stairs bring you to the master bedroom which has its own bathroom and balcony overlooking the pool and breathtaking view at the sea. Basement is in use for a wine room.

Where are we


Jelsa, Hvar

Jelsa 54

+385 99 2965 909


Villa Gallus


Location of villa Gallus

Villa Gallus is situated at the north side of the island on a small and elite shore, just 30m from sea. Our address is Jelsa 54, Jelsa Hvar (Vitarnja 18, Jelsa)

The position of the villa allows you to travel by foot to the nearby beaches and restaurants. It is a walking distance from center of Jelsa and small village named Vrboska. Seaside road allows for breathtaking views and perfect walking location. 

Discover the area

Jelsa is surrounded by the two highest mountains on the island - in the west St. Nikola, and in the east Hum. From the south side Jelsa is surrounded by mountains Vrh, Samotorac and Gozd.

Most of the seaside resorts on this very long narrow island are located approximately in the middle of the north coast. Here you will find Jelsa with its shallow beach, Stari Grad with its beautiful stone houses and the cozy fishing village Vrboska.

The cultural and historical treasury of Jelsa and the island Hvar consists of numerous monuments situated in: churches, parks, caves in the field, on squares etc.

The bays and capes are adequate for swimming. There are nice gravel beaches surrounded by pine forets, which offer you the necessary refreshment and shade during the summer heat.

At the western end of the island is the very trendy town of Hvar. The town of Hvar is very beautifully situated on a hillside with labyrinthine small streets filled with bars, restaurants and small shops.

Hvar is also known as the sunniest place in Croatia with 2726 hours of sunshine per year.

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